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Hi, i have an apartment and am currently listed with Airbnb and Trip Advisor, and just joined Booking.com.  Although my calendars linked, today i got a booking which is already booked via Airbnb.  I think its something to do with my calendar showing all the bookings from airbnb, but also says "1 left to sell" which cuts across all my dates, although i only have one apartment! please help before i get anymore double bookings, and what do i do about the guest who has just booked??


Contact the guest and explain.  Do some investigation first so you can offer an alternative that way they are more inclined to cancel.  If you ask booking.com to do this they will charge a relocation fee.

Then open up Rates, Calendar - use in List view and check through your availability and adjust.  

Note that sync calendar does not work in Real time so always a risk this can happen.  As Booking.com only works in Instant booking I have changed my Airbnb so that I have to confirm the booking, that way you can check calendar before accepting.



Hi Tony,


ICAL Sync is a known issue, i.e. by design it is not instant sync, and not reccomended. A quick Search on here and you will see plenty pulling their hair out over it and IsleOfWight Partner strongly telling people to not try to do it.  

The only proper way to manage any property on 2 or more OTAs, is to use a Channel Manager 3rd party service.


Some are free and some are as little as 10 euro a month, such as nobeds, and cloudbeds.


Note: BdC iCal sync will never be available for room types with a count of 2 or more.


Kind Regards

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Lucky Tuna

Seems like your calendars are not in sync in real time, Tony,  are they ?