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New, nothing works

First, I have an extranet account, but not a regular account.  Is that right, I need two accounts?  The Topic choices don't know that.  I joined as a host, but not (it seems) as a guest.  Seems like bad design to me.

Second, I have an email that says My listing is active, but if I search, my listing does not exist.

Third, I got a page that shows my BnB but totally booked out with a red banner but all the dates are green and I can't book.

Fourth, I am on Airbnb and tried to link calendars and after 24 hours of waiting for help, I bypassed it.  I need to fix it.

It may be related to a crytic message I got, "need to verify we mailed you a code".  Good luck getting post delivered in South Africa.  No one here uses the Post Office.

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