I am having trouble opening up my dates on my calendar, it's showing that all my dates are booked and they are not.

David Mcrae

Likewise. I can certainly not work out how to adjust their calendar.???? It seems to have a mind of its own and I can not afford the time to be continually trying to figure it out. A bit of a put off a put off for us.

2 years ago
Leandri Klopper


Does it work again? I've had no problems with my calendar.

You must maybe check, if you have Channel Managers... perhaps they are having sync problems.

2 years ago
M Adamopoulou

Hello! I never had problems with my calendars. When I updated mine for next year I noticed that some days were closed. I phoned local office of booking.com and they had a look on my calendar and fixed on the spot. So maybe you can also call them and have good luck...

2 years ago