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Newcomer from Fallbrook, CA


I recently joined to aid in our marketing program for our unqiue farmstay at Morning Song Farm. Like most platforms, it's been a lot of work to get our 5 listings up and running here. Always a learning curve! One of my biggest fears is a double booking because of a calendar glitch. Anyway, fears aside, I love what we do...we offer an authentic farm experience to guests from all over the world while being in the center of wine country and all that southern California has to offer. We teach cheese making here; an outgrowth of adding goats to our farm for weed abatement. Ha ha. They're more pets than employees, way too spoiled to eat mere weeds; but our guests enjoy meeting our friendly herd and they may be the best de-stressing devices around. Most of our reservations from booking have cancelled so far, I assume as we earn reviews and build our reputation we'll be off and running.

M Adamopoulou

Farmstay welcome to the forum. How nice to have you here. Your farm sounds perfect especially for little kids to run around and explore so many things. Animals are really de-stressing our lives. I have some around me and I love them. Once you get your reviews you certainly will be running.

Happy posting!!!