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Nile cruise



Im running Nile cruise , which sale from Luxor Egypt on Mondays 4 nights and sail back to Luxor from Aswan on Fridays 

So o Availability chart I open sales only on Mondays with min  stay 4 nights and on Fridays with min stay 3 nights


but on site it shows not available , what shall i do 


Please advise urgent



please stop posting duplicate topics, from 5 days ago.


Just because you dont like the answer you got on the original does not mean reposting will change  the outcome. 

You were given al lthe info you needed to learn so you could properly setup your listing.


Note you are not a property partner which is what this website is only for., you are a selling cruise liner holidays, so you shouldnt even be on here to start with... I didnt say it before but i will now .


Mohamed Samie

أHello BrookAve

First of all please accept my apology for disturbing you so much

As you notice I'm trying to discover how your system working

Even it take me time to find how to get and support , I really didn’t see your first replay


Now when I go though your answer I found out that I  at the calendar View I don’t have some hidden fields like no departure no arrival

You said I should contact BdC Support Team.


I am not sure if you belong to BdC Support Team. If not please advise how o contact hem

Once again Sorry and thank you for your patience


1. Confirm the property type you want to create a listing for?


2. If not a property owner then this is website and service is not for your intended purpose.

Mohamed Samie

This not a Web Site , It is a floating hotel sail from Luxor to Aswan Egypt, 4 nights and come back to Luxor in 3 Nights , you have many of Nile cruises on, 

if we are a web sight why we will use fixed dates and one property only

Please help us to start working All I want  is to enable the hidden fields of No arrival , No departure at Calendar  view


Then if that is correct all you do is click my name or read the guides I already linked in the duplicate topic.

Could not be simpler


Kind regards

Mohamed Samie

I did and as you said 

(For many different reasons and setups you may need all or some of the hidden non default extended fields enabled by BdC Support Team.


These can then be leveraged for various scenarios, from blocking approvals to departures ; setting max and min length of stay )

I want some fields like no arrival , No departure to be enable 

Then i will NOT disturb you gain