No code received to verify property BDC closed us

Has anyone ever actually found a way to get a code to verify property by phone? We were live for 6 days, they shut us down pending getting the code by snail mail. When I called they said it takes 12-14 days to receive. 

Even a temporary code until card gets here so we can get back up and running?

I called and asked. I requested via the extranet. I provided links to my TripAdvisor, facebook, google business, and official State of Florida Tourism office. They also have our bank account which has the same address.

Thanks for any advice

Leandri Klopper

Hi Joye,

When I listed my property it didn't go live even for a split second. I had to wait for the verification.

All you can do is ask for alternative verification process while you wait for the letter unfortunately.

Best of luck!


Just as an update for anyone who had this issue. After numerous emails and calls, I got this message:

# "Greetings from Booking.com. Thank you for writing to us. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused. Your property was temporarily closed as we were unable to verify the address before you received 25 bookings. The letter should be arriving within 12 days of the date it was sent (31 May 2018). All bookings you received were not affected by this, your reservations are still valid, however you can not receive any further bookings until your address is confirmed.

We do have ways of verifying you without the letter if you would like to be reopened sooner. If you are listed on TripAdvisor with at least 6 reviews or Airbnb with at least 10 reviews - we can use your listing to verify."
I responded with requested info (we had over 130 reviews on TripAdvisor and a long history on other "official" sites.
Today, the verification succeeded.
Unfortunately, the site is still not live. When I attempt to say Open Property, I get an error...One step forward...
But you can get verified if you have enough history with TripAdvisor or AirBNB.

My property location was mentioned wrong and after I write to booking.com they corrected it. How ever I did not received the since it was send the previous address. Now my property is not displayed in the booking.com. How can I make it online?

My property address is

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Joye, you need to phone Booking.com. Someone should assist you quickly over the phone and your property should be live then.

Nadumperera, if your address was listed wrong then there is only one way of fixing it. I don't want to sound like a broken record but you need to phone booking.com. They are very strict when it comes to updating the address and will need to verify it with you over a recorded line.

Best of luck to you both!



Can I have the phone number to call Booking.com as you mentioned?


Nadun Perera