No show booking and no payment received from/via booking.com

A guest did not show up and I cancelled the booking after the stipulated time. I had no permission to access the credit card of the guest but booking.com did. Upon cancellation I was informed that booking.com would contact the guest about the payment as I have lost out on money I would have gotten if my calendar was open other people could have booked. There was a 1000 member conference.

When can I expect my payment.



Depends what type of rate was it?

Whafs you cancellation policy for that rate?

How do you normally get paid?


Simplest is non refundable with payment by bdc, and strict no refunds.


Anything other than that and your options are limited by those choices you made.


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Isle of Wight …

This is a common problem on Booking.com. If you allow anyone to book without paying, they often don't show up - then you have an empty room and no money.

The solution is to require payment at the time of booking, the same as with AirBnB, HomeAway and TripAdvisor. Ask Booking.com to set up Payments by Booking.com. If they don't allow that, you should switch to AirBnB. Don't try to make "book but don't pay" work for you because it won't. Ever.