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Please i need help because i have mistakenly marked the wrong guest as No Show.

I am  new and honestly struggling to understand how booking .com works.

A guest was suppose to check in to day and didnt show up. And upon advice from one of the booking .com agents, I decided to explore and Mark him a No show . Please help!!!

The guest I was suppose to Mark No SHOW Name is  ***e who arrived South Africa today from Ghana but did not show up . His Booking number: ***.


Please help me to undo the No show for *** with Booking Numbers ***. He CHECKED IN  on 16.04.2021 AND has long CHECKED OUT on 18.04.2021. He paid Cash on Arrival. Please help  to undo the No SHOW on his booking profile. He paid us in full without any problem. And he was indeed a nice soul to have as a guest..