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No Show Guest collecting fees

Hi, I just start using booking for our accomidation and would like some tips here. This is the second times the guest not showing up and ain't provided credit card info.Also, I already turn on payment by and sending an invoice to no show guest but never seems to work here. I don't want to waste a room like this again when there's a walk in guest which willing to paid cash but the room is book by here.

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Kanin


How are you , merry xmas, from Dublin, Ireland.


As a fellow partner who has gone through similar and had to adapt and evolve quickly I would suggest:


  1. Enable non refundable bookings with Pay by BDC, and prepaid.
  2. Non refundable rates versus flexible typically should be cheaper than a flexible rate depending on what type of accomodation you have.
  3.  With any Rate Plan there are features like what is the latest a booking can be made in advance.
  4. a no show means BDC will pay out the prepayment to you. also if BDC upgrades the booking to Risk Free, same still applies.
  5. What are your rate plans and what cancellation options did you turn on ?


What is puzzling is you say Payments by BDC is enabled so that would suggest you can force prepayments.



Sending invoices are optional unless someone especially and directly asks you for one.


There is no need to do this manual task otherwise.


And even then it is sually a bvusines traveller who will send you his business info to be added to it prior to generating the pdf. provides a good online service for doing that if you need one


example of a basic daily rate:


Daily Rate - Non Refundable, Prepaid; cancel within one hour of booking; can book up to 1 hour at latest. No minimum number of nights.


PS: TIP: Please take a moment to update your profile and link your property as it helps us other partners see context and any potential issues etc.


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Thanks Barry for all the tips you given, I just activate my Payment by booking but it will only activate for 3rd Dec reservation and beyond the date. Guest from no show for 3 times already for me. And for the last booking, I called booking before and they said they able to contact guest and that I shouldn't cancel the booking just becuase it was book before 3rd Dec. Which no suprise the guests haven't show up and no credit card info. But beyond 3rd Dec should be fine now, I hope. Thanks again!