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Northern Cyprus Postcodes


I have tried all 5 digit and 4 digit postcodes over 100 options and still won't recognize my property address.

Could anyone help me please, I am trying to list a property in Northern Cyprus but system will not recognize any postcodes? I have also had a property blocked before and received very little, in fact, no support from whatsoever! When you register it says "don't worry you can change anything later" so when the system wouldn't recognize my TRNC postcode I just found that Turkey worked and pinned my property in the correct place on the map with no issues. However they can't change the country and blocked my ad after hours setting it up. Unbelievably unhelpful bunch!


Hello Robert Swanson! Thanks for your post. 

Since you haven’t received a reply from another partner, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

All the best