Not being shown up on the search list

Hello sir,

It is to be stated that my property is not being shown up on the search list. I am not being live on the website despite being registered for almost last 4 weeks.


Amjad Ali

Ilaria - Commu…

Hi Amjadali4181 ,

Thanks for your post.

Since you haven’t received a reply from another partner, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox.

All the best!



I just need to know why is this happening? Why am I not being shown up in the hotel search list of Booking.com?


Have you fully registered your property? i.e. you have received your postal verification code and entered it into extranet with a confirmation from the system that the correct code has been entered.

Do you have any restrictions in place? e.g. minimum 3 day stay or check in on x-day only. If yes, a normal search will ignore your property. Only a search, using the above examples, that is a minimum of 3 days or starts on the specified check in day will find your property.


When I review my registration process it is still stuck on property reviewing. And that is since last 2 months.