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This is not Right !

This is not right ! Real estate company (not agency) declared and installed, working under principal (establishment in our name) or under monthly invoice (with name of the owner). We have been working with Booking for 3 years, between 12 and 15 k€ of annual income for them, always paid since they are the ones who collect customers. Never a problem, a payment incident. Average between 8.7 and 9.7 out of 12 establishments. For explain the context.

A new owner contacts us. It is Morocco, it is "different" and by some aspects, "complicated". With this owner, BEFORE working with and possibly taking back his account, on a simple phone call we learn that this owner is in default of payment (a consequent sum). We refuse to work with it.

The week goes by, we take back four apartments. Problem with Booking, not to say who , what, how.... we are asked to wait by talking about 4 to 5 days. My wife takes back 3 apartments in the same village, always standard, with papers, operating authorization, certif security... Same thing, no sign up. It’s been 12 days, x phone calls.... In fact, they have us associated with the owner’s account and literally "blacklisted"!!! only with 1 phone call, for check there is no problem. We have problem with this owner because i insult him because he don't pay his debt !!!! It is impossible to speak with a "superior", we know the schemes and things outside the legal framework, but there, without mercy, without respect, even outside of us, housewives, drivers, taxi.... And the irony of the story? Because of their ban, we bombed Airbnb, Expédia, Tui Villa, Abritel.... Incredible

Rellay, sincerely, be careful with Booking.. don't try to work long term or try to create something !

(there is a topic "just joined booking", for say !!!)


Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

Small breviary of illegal or non-commercial things done by Booking. When it goes, it goes, when it doesn’t, you have it in the baba...

Cannot open a "ticket", a "file", if dispute or problem No file follow-up by an interlocutor. Marc, Séverine, Ahmed, Sean, Antoine, Quentin....and, your never know type of working, place, service...(because it's people of call center, it's not salary of booking)

They say 24/24 and 7/7, it's a fake. Look website "horaire d'ouverture".

Refuses to provide co-ordinated from superior or even a phone call

Does not acknowledge receipt after a telephone conversation or announce delays they do not meet You ask if "you don’t want to record the conversation" (what’s the point? things to blame? information to communicate?)

You refuse new establishments but continue to work the old ones in the same standards, same places...

Blacklist via IP connection or phone (more info soon) = not possible to validate the facility = no ID = no extranet = problem that never resolves. (we try with different mail adress, different name, different house/appartment...)

Time does the rest.

We reported, our interlocutor tells us that he reported, 7 or 8 times the same problem. No answer provided.

To my question about refusal to sell? No.

To my question to work together? .... No

(yes, we don't really understand. We must "wait".... no fake !)

Always by phone, there, a problem, 12 days and 8 phone calls, no written confirmation, no solution proposed, no explanation given.... No respect! Don’t care about anything, people’s lives (housewives, taxis, drivers, operators, owners...)

In short, a company headquartered in Delaware to avoid paying taxes, which takes 17% from its "partners", necessarily, question "professional conscience".... The "necessary evil". Check out the social media comments, it’s edifying !

This friday, i call every owners for explain.

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BrookAve 2 years ago



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Kind Regards


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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Guillaume Malfait, thank you for posting!

Generally speaking, we always recommend to be very careful when it comes to give your credentials or your property to be managed by a third party.

The reason is because if there is any change of ownership to be done, we only respond and follow up with the primary contact that we have listed in our records due to privacy and security reasons.

The same example can be applied if you list/ register an already existing property and it's detected as duplicate: we will always refer to the first registration done and don't disclose information if the primary contact is not the same.

We are sorry if this causing frustration, and we are sure that you will solve things out with our colleagues. Good luck! 


Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

Stop two minutes of lying !

You can never, but never check people’s identities over the phone !

When you register, you don't ask for a copy of identification or proof of identity !

And you don’t check to see if the real estate belongs to the said owners.

I’m not blaming you. I’m not criticizing you. It’s not your fault there’s no legal framework for it. It’s just a finding, a reality. But precisely ! Precisely you have eyes, ears, arms on the spot: people or society like us. And rather than draw force and part, you "pull the blanket" ! I tell you, no sense, not correct. Normal that it angry after a moment.

And for you double story, same thing, I see where you’re going but.... No.

IN ALL CASES, we can not connect in extranet, we have nothing at all email. Even the original one. Your system crashes. Either:

- has repeatedly flagged our phone number with different email addresses from other locations and other names

- the same as above but with IP machin and not the phone

- you blacklisted us (missa file or insults when I mistreated you. I’m honest.)

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pibomarco 2 years ago

I got a headache while reading this.

Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

In all cases, what you say, you don't do it.

In all cases, to the questions asked, you don't answer.

In all cases, your interfaces are multilingual, except support.


The problem is simple, it’s just, bad faith and impossible to have a caller, a real, from booking. Not possible to have a fixed contact person in charge of the file on the phone Not possible to have emails or phone call reports Possible to have subcontractors in call center who pass the ball and problem stay

Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

Problem : impossible to create establishment. Ok for create account, ok for create establishment. But when we want validate everything, we can't connect to extranet and a window appears and say to "contact booking".

All new account are blocked (blacklisted with number phone or IP connexion ?). With different name, different mail address....

At this point, no mail is received.

So, you call and what is the first thing the booking people ask you ? : your identifier

But we can't connect to the extranet ! and so, we don't have identifiers !

So we tried to call, to send message....anything... 

When we have someone by phone (every time someone different, reexplain...), they say "wait". No delay, just "wait". And when we ask them to sent a mail, just for say "wait", they don't want !!!

We're a society, what we must say to our owners ???

I ask them if they don't want work with us, say it. And in this case, we stop all others establishment.

So , they don't say "no", they don't say "yes", they say "wait"....

Since 12 or 13 days now..... We speak of 4+3+1 appartments (and many others but no problem since 2 years - must we stop to work with booking ?)


Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

A month ago, an owner contacted us about the operation of 6 apartments. We then ask him his situation with the various OTAs and tell us that he doesn't know, he didn't manage. He knows there are apartments on and that’s it. My wife makes a phone call with the owner and learns that the latter at 850€ of debt at booking. Problem: this day, the booking person puts my wife in charge of the establishments! just by phone, like this! Since that day, my wife can’t work and neither can I. Except for establishments that we already have but not in our name (in company, we work in 2 formats: in our name, or in the owner’s name). Obviously, now, when booking calls the owner in debt, we imagine that this one "charges us". It’s a crazy story, we can prove everything, we can explain everything, but they won’t let us do it ! Banished, blacklisted, I don’t know, but impossible

So, we work with booking since 2 years, with good comments, no payment incident, but they don't care... it’s like *** in the sea...

Guillaume Malfait 2 years ago

Anyway, we’ve been struggling with booking for over two years. We are in Morocco, country without number and street name, without title, and, we are a real estate company, not a real estate agency ( = we can work under the name of the owners) Every time we struggle. It’s the struggle. We’ve already proposed trade registry, bylaws and warrants with the owners. But no, even their system did not foresee this. And so, it "plants" almost systematically. There we have 4x 2 bedroom apartments in Imi Ouadder + 3 apartments on Taghazout (1x 2 bedrooms, and 2x 3 bedrooms). Blocked, we do not know why, how long. We must "wait", without having email, acknowledgment of receipt and without having extranet. And on the phone, it takes us "for a walk". It’s not clear.

Every time we struggle. It’s always problem. We’ve already proposed trade registry, bylaws and warrants with the owners. But no, even their system didn’t foresee that. And so, it "plants" almost After several phone calls, we announce a delay of up to 1 month to "check". Okay. First question: can you send an email today to summarize please? (to answer questions from our owners). Answer: no Second question: if you want, can we make an appointment in the apartments with the owners and make a video call? The answer is

It’s "shoot the ambulance" what they do ! To the detriment of us already, obviously, but also of owners, housewives, taxi drivers.... It is encouraging "black" money, favouring parties and influencing the market.... Proof that there is no point in being honest, playing the game and paying the piper.

Also, we have to wait without proof, without extranet or identifiers, without possibility to speak since no identifier. We don’t even know if booking sees the creation of the account and the establishments !

This is not right at all ! (this day, on the phone, they hang up directly when my wife calls; this is the way to work. Not even possible to talk with someone for concrete solutions !)