Occupancy Pricing add price per customer, not subtract price as default

Hi, I have only recently started using booking.com . for 3 holiday rental units we have.

Have been using homeaway and airbnb for many years.

Both homeaway and airbnb have a base price for the room and then the price is increased as the people staying are added.

This seems like the obvious way of doing things.

All i can find on booking.com is to have the base price as the maximum with all the beds used, and then subtract a percentage per person. It just makes things harder, and find it strange that there would not be an option to go the other way.






While there is occupancy based rates , are you absolutely sure you want to do this?


Are the rooms actually bunks bed dorms, because if not then that's a major put off for guests. and doing yourself a disservice.










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Hi Pambulabeach, thank you for posting in the Community! Indeed there is a way to set up a base rate level occupancy at the minimum and from there, you can put a higher price depending on how many people can accomodate. In order to do it, as you don't have the option available in your calendar, you might need to contact our customer support so they will change it for you. Have a good day!