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like to offer other ressources as package: boat, camper van, hottub, etc

I like to offer our guests to book a holiday package with other ressources, like a boat, a campervan, a hottub. Is that possible to manage this via booking? 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


HI Jens 


No in general there is no such feature.


But if it is listed on the Policies > additional charges or in Facilities & Services, then you can state how much each one is, but not as a bundle/package.

You can only do that after rate and separately such as using a photo with text,


Kind Regards


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Colleen Accoun… 2 years ago


Hi Jens Weiser,


Thanks for your post - such a great question! 


Right now we don't have any promotional package options. However as 

BrookAve mentioned you can showcase any of these extras in your Facilities & Services, Descriptions or by adding photos


You could also set up automated messaging to send to guests that have booked with you and advise them of any extras you provide at the property. You can set these up here


If you need us again, we're always here.



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