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Onboarding help for new partners: Hot Tip #1 - Location Verification


Hello Partners!

Welcome to We are delighted to have you and can't wait to assist you in maximising your business.

To help answer the top questions from new partners, we have created a weekly series of hot tips. Don’t forget to check out this post on frequent questions from new partners for further information and advice.


Hot Tip #1

Location Verification

After you join, you need to confirm your property’s location to make sure guests can easily find it on arrival. There are several ways to verify your property location. The easiest option is to record and upload a video directly to the partner verification portal. For the property to be successfully verified, our teams will verify that the property location and amenities featured in the video are an exact match to the photos and details listed on 

However, not all new listings might have the video upload option. Depending on your location, we may reach out to you through a call or post you a letter with the verification information you need to complete the process. If you don’t have access to postal services or immediate access to the property you’re listing on our platform, you’ll need to contact us so we can arrange an alternative way of verifying your address. 

We promote your property across multiple search engines and on affiliate websites, so it’s vital that we show guests the correct property location right from the start. This also helps you to manage guest expectations and provide a positive experience.

If your property location remains unverified, your property may be temporarily closed and prevented from receiving new bookings.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or require any help. You can compose a message via the extranet under Inbox > messages. Otherwise click on See Contact Options > select a relevant topic eg. Account > select a relevant subtopic eg. Other > then click see all contact options > Message > write your message. 

Our 24/7 partner support team is available on one of the numbers listed in your extranet or check out the overview of where you can reach us.


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M Adamopoulou 2 months ago

Hello Ivana,


Hope new partners read your post so they  know what to expect from verification…


Have a nice day.

Isle of Wight … 2 months ago

to make sure guests can easily find it on arrival


That doesn't work - or more precisely, your checks do not help guests to find the properties.


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Marta Darmanović 2 months ago

I did literally everything you asked me to, to verify my location, I have uploaded a detailed video of the street, building, and complete apartment, you have never answered! I uploaded one more, you still haven`t answered! I waited for 25 days while you were keeping my place closed for reservations for a new letter with a code and your response to my video, called your customer service in Croatia, and all I got was, I`m sorry, you will just have to wait, our services are busy. SERIOUSLY????????  For a month you`re keeping me out of business and I`m paying you every single month provision, for what???? This is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL

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Account Adviso… 2 months ago

Good morning @Marta,

I am sorry to hear of your frustrations with the location verifications. We have had a huge influx of requests for verifications with new properties listing and currently have a backlog for this. We are aware of the extended time this is taking due to the increase in demand for it and apologise for the delay. The team are working tirelessly to get this rectified as soon as possible, however I do not have a time frame for how long it may take them to approve your uploaded video, I am sorry.

Kindly note that commission is only applicable for made and stayed reservations. No charges will incur while your property is in a closed status.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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Marta Darmanović 2 months ago

So, you didn`t think of expanding your team, as a company with, as you said, a huge number of new property listings on a daily basis, you just keep people out of business for months?

For you, It takes 3 minutes to watch this video or to check the copy of a water bill that shows the address, that I`ve sent you. For me, I don`t know how long it will take to get back on track after this. You have cost me my reputation and money. 

Never in my life, I`ve experienced this kind of unprofessionalism. 

philippe hammy 1 month ago

I've been waiting for 3 months, videos uploaded, synchronization with other platforms ok, no news!  I am waiting to honor the reservations and I am closing my account here.

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M Adamopoulou 1 month ago

Hi Philippe,

Sorry to hear about your struggles!!!

Many partners have similar problems…