Only 5 photos appearing in the listing

Hello everyone!

I just posted my listing on the site yesterday, and I can't seem to get past this one problem. No matter what I do, only the original 5 photos I uploaded seem to appear to guests, even though I, as an admin, can see all 30 photos that I had uploaded later both on the website and in the Pulse app. I even deleted them all just to check and still these original 5 photos appear.

Has anyone had this problem before and knows of a way to fix it? I'm running out of ideas on how to bypass this, I'm thinking maybe I should just delete my listing altogether and start over.

Thank you,

Thuild - Your …

Dear Maria,

You need to wait for a while because some pictures might need to pass through an approval. I know that one of my pictures had to be approved.

On the other hand, your browser might be stuck with the old cache, so you need to clear all of your browsing data before you check how it appears publicly.

Best of luck,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com