Only help when have a cash ?

Dear friends in the forum.

Have other property owners ever experienced the same problem as us? What advice would you give us about this?
Our property has been available for sale on the Booking.com website for more than 30 months and of course we also paid the full price for Booking.com. However, there was a problem as follows:
On October 12, 2008, our Vietnam account manager blocked us from selling on the Booking.com website in the following ways:
- Lock the account and not continue to sell on the website Booking.com
- Verify my account
- Suggested remuneration to be resold on the website Booking.com.

Sincerely thank you for your participation, commenting on this issue.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Thanks for posting.

Did you get a notification as to why they have closed your property on the website? Booking.com very rarely does thing without sending a message via the extranet or an email.

Perhaps contact your account manager and ask him/her?