Oooops ! The journey could not be saved !!

It doesn't save my journey....

It's happening to many people

I have already asked but no one from Booking.com is replying....



I think he means Hotel/Flight/+? package. I recently had the same problem, was going to book flight and hotel together for a short trip and had the same result.

Hotel alone was OK but had to book the flights elsewhere, fortunately didn't need to pay any extra. So much for Genius customer...


Stefano Fregnani

Nah.... as a host Booking gives you the chance to add the journey direction from the nearest airport to your place.....

i have entered the details 5 times and 5 times when you click SAVE a message comes up saying " Oooops ! The journey could not be saved !! " by the Booking.com Admin.....

I know it has happened to other people as I saw many messages on this forum like this one but no answers to sort the issue out....


Ahhhhhh, OK.

As 99% of our guests (indeed our entire area) arrive to us by mini-bus or taxi we only give details for those. I haven't tried entering full directions.

Helen Sandwell

Same here tried adding the direction via Car from our nearest Hotel and no matter how many sections I put in it would never save with the same Ooops! message. Very poor, it gives you absolutely no feedback where the error might be - if any! Gave up trying to create one in the end after spending about 30 minutes trying! 


Same for my friend.  He emailed admin who told him not to worry about entering the details. Obviously a blip on their system

Nico Iv

I have the same.  With all the apartments.  And this has been happening for at least three weeks already.  I wrote, called.  I was told that the problem is known and they are working on it.  And this is all for now ..