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Opportunity Centre - as a Check List ?

Re: The Opportunity Centre

I love the new features and suggestions...  but may I give some feedback here ?

I think it would be better / easier to have the 'Opportunity Center' - as a check list.   each item could be displayed as a 'Tick' or an 'X' - then the user could select why - 'Does Not Apply' / not interested etc.

For Example - twice I've clicked on 'Become a prefered partner' - only to be taken to a page that says - " You already are. "

Then have a tabbed view option...

New / Active / Not Active /

and If someone has an issue or question relating to one of these items in the 'Opportunity Center' - there should be a link to a forum where we can ask questions and get feedback.

Just some suggestions, I hope to get some feedback.



Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Thanks for the post!

I must say I agree with you. Mine for instance will keep popping up "Create templates for your messages and save up to an hour a day!" but I've already added a Lot of message templates. It just doesn't realize I've already done it, you know?

I think the Feedback and tickbox ideas are great!

Will be checking in here again hoping to see a Hype starting.


I fear this forum is only for us to help each other. The site developers may read, but are probably not allowed to comment in here. - I would love to be wrong. - Do we have an Admin who can confirm ?


Curious - there is no 'Like' button ( anymore? ) ... only 'Thumbs Up / Down... So how would someone earn a '5 Likes' Badge ? - or is 'Thumbs Up' a like ?

Leandri Klopper

Hi Mike,

If a post gets featured the admin posts it in the Recap, which means they know about the discussion. Some of those topics then get brought to's attention, especially if it's recurring. But mostly the only way they take a suggestion seriously is if it pops up everywhere, via their call centre and emails and on the forums etc.

The five likes is the thumbs up yes. I've Liked both your posts in this thread to show you. But if someone else clicks the thumbs down it just subtracts mine again.


Now they are sending me emails to remind me to - 'Become a prefered partner'...

and the email has a graphic of a check-list...
So at least they are thinking about the same idea's - but not yet implimented yet. ?

Thuild - Your …

Dear Mike,

You can use this function to make suggestions about BDC extranet pages/products or the whole thing:

After clicking on Share your feedback, it will allow you to select these:

Hope that helps,

Zsolt -


Great - Thank You !! - Direct to them, a much better idea. :)