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Overbooking help

I have an overbooking and am trying to reach guest urgently as it's for this weekend. I only joined yesterday and hadn't blocked unavailable dates yet by the time she booked and received no request prior to booking asking if space was available. I am very worried she will arrive on Saturday 



Hi Brenda, 


This is a common issue with new setups.


Please ensure by now you have closed rooms until you are ready.


Now check the reservation details page for phone number if none, first:


Go to Property > Policies> scroll down to  GUEST REQUIRMENTS…

 Enable Guest must provide address and phone number.


On the Reservation Details page you can :

  1. send the guest a message stating you are not open yet, only getting setup. And that they will next get a notification to confirm cancellation and refund only starts once they click the link in email.
  2. then immediate after sending , click on right pane - Request To Cancel
  3. Choose option 2, this will initiate cancel and refund, if prepaid to BdC.
  4. wait for guest to comply.


what does topic MRS mean?


Note: if you attempt to contact BdC support to cancel this they likely will invoice you for relocation of the guest, hence why i never do and use the steps above.


Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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