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partner phone support

I am very new at this. Can't seem to reach anyone on the phone to discuss a wrong reservation. It asks for a confirmation code and PIN but I can't find that information. I may have created the PIN, but when I go to search for the confirmation code to get through the stupid voicemail hold up, it just doesn't work.

I'm concerned about this poor fellow who thinks he has a reservation at my cottage... but he really doesn't.


Someone, please help.

kind regards,




Hi Michael 


Its sounds like you have access to Extranet and can see the Reservations list and details , yet then sounds like you cannot logon as it is saying it will send a pin to your email /sms.


Is that right?


Have you already installed the pulse app to your smart phone?


You can just use the PIN generator in it instead when asked to input a PIN code.



Assuming you can open the reservation details page, then simply message them from there, it is a near instant notification by email to them.




Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile






Michael J Curran


Thankyou for your response to my question. I will follow your advice and your steps.

One other question you may have an answer for: If I email the person who reserved my room, using the email address on the reservation, does he get it? I have been waiting for a response and it occurred to me that might not want direct communication between "partners: and I wondered what one does to get in touch with a potential reservationist? Thanks again,





Yes but via an intermediate email.


You send message to the listing email which is a sub domain of, with a generated prefix.


This then is picked up by the BdC system backend, and sent to both the internal message system you and I see along with Guest if we are all logged on t othe BdC system.


additionally, the message or email is relayed to the real email address of the guest without telling us what it is.


This ceases to work 7 days after a checkout date.


Kind Regards