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I am very new at this. Can't seem to reach anyone on the phone to discuss a wrong reservation. It asks for a confirmation code and PIN but I can't find that information. I may have created the PIN, but when I go to search for the confirmation code to get through the stupid voicemail hold up, it just doesn't work.

I'm concerned about this poor fellow who thinks he has a reservation at my cottage... but he really doesn't.


Someone, please help.

kind regards,


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Hi Michael 


Its sounds like you have access to Extranet and can see the Reservations list and details , yet then sounds like you cannot logon as it is saying it will send a pin to your email /sms.


Is that right?


Have you already installed the pulse app to your smart phone?


You can just use the PIN generator in it instead when asked to input a PIN code.



Assuming you can open the reservation details page, then simply message them from there, it is a near instant notification by email to them.




Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

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17 days ago
Michael J Curran


Thankyou for your response to my question. I will follow your advice and your steps.

One other question you may have an answer for: If I email the person who reserved my room, using the email address on the reservation, does he get it? I have been waiting for a response and it occurred to me that booking.com might not want direct communication between "partners: and I wondered what one does to get in touch with a potential reservationist? Thanks again,


17 days ago



Yes but via an intermediate email.


You send message to the listing email which is a sub domain of booking.com, with a generated prefix.


This then is picked up by the BdC system backend, and sent to both the internal message system you and I see along with Guest if we are all logged on t othe BdC system.


additionally, the message or email is relayed to the real email address of the guest without telling us what it is.


This ceases to work 7 days after a checkout date.


Kind Regards

16 days ago