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Partner Screening

I just joined and I filled in the for on the home page where it asks for information to complete a partner screening. I have completed this form 3 times now and it keep asking me to fill it in. Apparently from what I understand, this needs to be completed so that they can send me a form with a confirmation code on to submit. I have done this for the first time on Monday, 18 November and I still have not received the confirmation code and the portal is still asking me to "fill in the form". I already have 1 confirmed booking, but I am afraid if this is not resolved that either my listing will be removed or the booking will fail somehow. How can I resolve this? 

Isle of Wight …

I have several properties on I did partner screening a few days ago - not seen before, could be a new thing. Now it's showing up on another property. Seems we have to do it for every property, rather than just once for our group account.


I suggest you send a message to via your Extranet. Go to Inbox > messages and at the bottom of the right hand column is a link to Contact Us