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Partners journey

Hi Partners - It is fun to travel to new destinations and meet people. i have been a traveller all during last 40 years and a frequent global traveller during the last 20 years. i have always enjoyed and working with people around the world. Thats one of the reasons I joined the host community with mr property.

I would welcome one and all in our community to visit Bangalore where we live. My wife Indira also welcomes you.

If the dates are agreed upfront, we would like know more about you ( share more info about us) and plan to spend more time with you - taking you around, exchanging views, culture, the little things that we may do differently and learning from you to do things better. On the challenges part you will find that we are vegetarians. Bangalore and neighbourhood are full of lively, vibrant, historic, cultural happenings.

Trust that should be a happy welcome note and look forward to seeing you all at Bangalore,

Sincerely yours

Ganesh Shastri

Thuild - Your …

Dear Ganesh,

Wish that I'd seen this before, however for this and next year I already have my vacation planned. However the plan is free for 2021 :)

I always wanted to visit India, so that will probably happen then.


Zsolt -