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A passion for Service Excellence

Hi everyone, i've recently joined as a partner to provide a two bed apartment for rent in the hilly area of Pakistan., Murree. I would appreciate any help support from the group to maxmize revenue whie fulfilling my passion to deliver excellent service to our guest.

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michael beeston 3 years ago

WOW WOW , very very interesting info on what we ALL do to Greet the guests and make them as comfortable as possible., and of COURSE Make them feel Special...….Fantastic information..Thank you Michael.

Bonjour Lucy.YES ! YES !!!.Give the guests something better than what they expected. This MY POLICY as well and it works so so well....again thank you.

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Sharonhaseley 3 years ago

I always try to remember which places I have stayed and have been very memorable and why, what did I love, which little touches were memorable and important to me , firstly a friendly welcome is important, first impressions, offer a welcoming drink , be it wine / beer /tea /coffee along with a snack, homemade cake / biscuits.

Then the bed, to me this is the most important, just because we are a small B&B Chambre d'hotes doesn't mean we cant offer the same standard that a 5 star hotel, I have the best mattresses, memory foam toppers I can get, Egyptian cotton high thread count bedding ( white , always white) comfortable pillows are a must. Then luxury small toiletries in the bathroom, good showers, bath /hot water , and huge fluffy white towels.

Then food , the best breakfast I can offer , I research which countries prefer what as these do vary , someone once said to me French breakfast then think afternoon tea / tea-time because they really do have bread and butter and jam and cake. I always try to bake my own fruit loaves for breakfast and use fresh and local produce.

A good knowledge of local good restaurants was always important to me and so we always try them ourselves first as we do with visiting local places of interest so to have first hand experience.

Most important always smile :)

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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago

Sharonhaseley Wonderful to read, its exactly my style, give the best, its an investment, but it pay off. Good Luck, (We will visit you)....................

Keep going

Bread/Bed and Wine.................


Le Balcon des Jasses

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Le Balcon des Jasses 3 years ago


Thank you, one of the first visitor, and now a good friend, visit often, a couple from Paris say:

If you want to run a successful Chambre d' Hotes, 3 things important.

Bed, Bread and Wine.......................

I follow him now for 16 years...

Hi From Lucy

Le Balcon des Jasses, CAHORS

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Love having good friends sharing with them our Bed, Bread and Wine. Actually that was my moto for starting hosting. Being married over 40 years my husband and I have traveled all around the world and have made truly friends. Making our friends feeling like they are at home has been always our care. Our home has been always full of friends staying with us and having great time. Until now I hadn’t realized that Bed, Bread and Wine were actually our strong points.
Thank you for sharing Lucy. Take care...

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

-Sharonhaseley Going beyond guests expectations is much appreciated. As Michael said it pays off in many ways.
Thanks for sharing such helpful information.