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We recently became aware of a technical issue in the extranet that meant the information displayed about your invoice and payment history may not have been up to date. We’re happy to let you know we’ve now resolved the issue, and the status of your invoices and recent payments is now updated.


You don’t need to contact us about this. We’d like to reassure you that our internal payment systems weren’t affected at any point, and our records of your invoices and payments remained accurate throughout. We apologise for any inconvenience.



Payment Disabled

Hello fellow contributors,

I am new to this platform and i hope i will grow and get better in this domain, i listed my property 2 weeks ago, as soon i created my account and submitted the listing i got this in my home page :

"Because we're dedicated to being a safe platform for both customers and partners, we've temporarily disabled non-refundable and prepayment policies. As soon as we can give you access to them, we'll let you know."

I added my bank account and it got accepted but it's been now 2 weeks and it's still showing. Is anything wrong ? 

Thank you and have a great day.

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Thuild - Your …

Dear Fadhel,

I think you just need to have a few bookings and then you'll get approved for the non-refundable payments as well as the prepaid ones. This is because they have to know that everything is okay with your property so guests don't end up in bad situations.

I wouldn't worry much about that.

However, watch out for no-show guests, because those can be a big issue for you at this point.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

1 year ago

Thank you for responding and giving me great insights.

To be honest i had 3 cases of no-show but i don't know what to do about it.

1 year ago