Payments to host buy booking.com

Hi  every one  i  joined booking.com in may 2019    i was wandering about being paid buy booking.com   as i havent been paid since i joined  seems each time  i call  booking .com there always a reason why i havent been paid  ...please help  what should i do  ?

Leandri Klopper

Hey SHannon,

Thanks for posting.

Are you in the Payments by Booking.com programme though? You have to be part of the programme for them to collect payments from your guests and pay you out. 

If you are and they have not paid you since you joined, I suggest phoning them to ask why not. Remember they normally pay round about by the 15th of each month and it might take up to 10 days for the money to show. 

Let us know so we can figure this out together!

Shannon rogers

Good morning   yes  i am in booking.com programme   i have phoned booking.com several times    each time i call there is a different reason    they have informed me there was a  bank account issue  i have changed this 6 times     i now gotten a email from booking .com   to say they have  paid me   but   i will still have to wait for money to go in    from reading ypur reply this will take another 10 days after payment   was  paid out by booking.com    i feel this is unfair   we dont make our customers wait  that long to get a booking   im hopeing they have  put the payment through   the next  step  is legal  action