People booked the property but did not show up

I joined booking.com recently. I got few bookings out of which a couple of families did not show up though they had confirmed their bookings. Some other families wanted to book the property on those days but since it had already been booked on Booking.com, those families were unable to book.

Due to such instances i lost out on bookings by being unable to give the property to families that really wanted to stay.

Is it possible to deduct money from those people who did not show up without cancelling their bookings on time?

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Dear please sign your name :),

Usually the best way is to set up credit card payments, then you can charge them for no shows or cancellations under the cancellation policy.

Without that leverage, you really cannot do much. Maybe have BDC collect the money for bookings.

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2 years ago
Tropical Oasis…

Implement full payment prior to arrival with a cancellation fee.

2 years ago