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Photo problems


I am unable to drag and drop my uploaded photos to rearrange them.

I can move the selected photo anywhere, but they just won’t drop into the new location, they just bounce back to their original position.

Tried everything, but just can’t get this function to work.

Working from an iPad Pro- any ideas, my main photo is the bathroom at the moment!

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fluff 3 years ago

No idea if anything is different on an iMachine (total iPhobe here!) but there are two things you can try.

Delete all except your pics from the listing!

Rename the pics you use from your iPad so that they are in either alphabetical or numerical order as you want them to appear.

Just to be thorough, upload each pic one at a time in the same order as above. That should do it?!

Someone might know an easier way though...what usually works for me is NOT using drag n drop. Control right-click the pics in the order you want them and up load. When this does not work I do the afore mentioned.