photos wan't stay in position

I have uploaded a batch of photos but they disappeared overnight!  Why is this?  Also the position of photos keeps changing so that main photo cannot be retained and the sequence I select is changed to a random order. Any suggestions why this is happening. Very frustrating as it takes a long time to update each time...

Aaltje B.

There could be all sorts of technical reasons. Could be too many at once, could be too dark, could be resolution not high enough..

Try to login to the extranet and put your request / questions in the message bar and get help from the team to assist you.

Stay, All beginning is hard, for most hosts, have gone through quite a few hurdles before they were smiling.

But keep trying, ask the professionals, and come back with a nice photo-series of your space, since you make us curious now.


Aaltje B.

Aaltje B.

PS Stay

There is a free download program called Pixlr and pretty good and easy to edit photos. Also resolution problems you can fix there.

Good luck!