Please HELP!

To whom it may concern,

I have just signed in as a new member or partner with booking. I hardly understand how to manage my property. 

When I was creating my account the web page asked me about the price per night, but the web page specified that I could be able to change it later. The price will not be the same all year. I have different prices depending on the season. High or low season is a different price, even if guests would like to rent for several months or during the week, or weekend. Everything will be a different price. Now that I have done everything I had a mistake by clicking the option that now my property is open to receive reservations, when I am not.

I am scared about this, I don´t know where to choose the option "being closed for reservations" for now, until I understand perfectly how to manage my property through Booking.

I will really appreciate if you can please help me how to manage it. I would like to know, where I can change for different prices and right now I don´t want to rent (or be open for reservations), until I understand it much better.


Please help me!! I really appreciate your time and support!

Please receive my best regards,

Maria del Carmen


You can change your prices in Rates, Calendar - make sure in List view as easier to see all information.  You can do a Bulk edit to change prices for specific dates.  Very easy to use.

You can use the same function to mark your property as Closed until you are ready to open.

This is the partner forum and not the booking.com help team.