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"Your popularity


878 places lower than yesterday".

Does anyone know what  that means? is it good for me or bad?

Angela @Promhills

WOW, you're in a busy area with lots of competing properties! My area has just 7 properties (and I'm 1/7). You could try increasing your property page score by ensuring your listing is complete. You need to try and get your property to rank higher. Try to secure more bookings and more reviews to rank-up.


I also don't understand this popularity ranking. We are 216/245. Does this mean we are at the lower end or 29 places from the top? I am inclined to believe the former but than there is a huge discrepancy with our TripAdvisor ranking. There we take up the 3rd place out of 117 listings in our category. On both sites we are listed for about 8-9 years.

Moreover, we know for a fact that we receive more bookings and have a higher overall rating (8.4) than direct competitors (one is my brother, others are friends). Those listings have a lower number than 216 (120, 183, 146) but as a result they might be higher in the index. If the popularity index means we are down at place 216 out of 245, how can these others be more popular than us? Can anyone shine a light on this?