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I need some advise and/or help.

I completed the register of my property (Posada Villa del Carmen), which is located in Venezuela.

This process has being done twice and both times I received a message:

"We are reviewing your property, and we will send an e-mail"

That e-mail never comes and feedback is missing.

What should I do next?

Best regards,

Richard Chacón




Hi, I can see this is the oldest of 3 identical topics, and you also posted offtopic on one of mine.


1. Please dont go off topic on someone else's topic.



2. Use only one topic posting, delete the others or edit them as duplicates and copy paste the url for this one into them.



3. Keep using the contact us methods provided for your region, including help in the pulse app or website and keep after BDC, do not let up until they give a concrete answer.

Richard Chacon

Sorry Barry,

I need to delete this one with errors, but I dont know how!




Community Admin

Hello Richard Chacon! Thanks for posting in the Community! Sometimes a registration form takes longer to be checked and completed from our side. As long as you see this message, "We are reviewing your property, and we will send an e-mail", it means that your registration is under review and we will contacted you as soon as we confirm that everything is ok and you are ready to go. Until then keep an eye in your email inbox! Good luck!