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Prevent double booking without channel manager

Hi there,

I listed my property in both Agoda and To prevent double booking, I have synced both calendar together. However, I feel that calendar does not sync immediately even though I refresh manually. I even deleted and import the calendar from Agoda again, but the changes does not immediately display. 

I do not want to take risk of guests double booking as this will cause problem to both parties. Is there a way allowed me to set where guest can make reservation first before confirm any booking so that payment will not be made as long as I have not confirmed the reservation?

If yes, please advise how should I do it. I have been clicking everywhere in my extranet but I could not find any.

If no, please advise is there any other way. I only have a few rooms to rent out so Channel Manager is not a suitable option.


Thank you.






How many rooms is a few?

We have 35 and do it all manually with very little time or effort, (Assuming you have set sensible room allocations in the first place).