price per number of guests not working

Good morning! 

I am new to booking and I need you help.Thank you in advance.

So, I set the base price for my flat for 4 guests and applied a 20€ discount if there are only 3 guests and another 20€ discount if there are only 2 guest. The discount works great for 3 guests but if I try to book my apartament for only 2 guests, booking,com only shows the price for 3 guests

How can I correct this situation? This is the apartment if you want to test it 



Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Sorry it seems no one on the forum can answer your question.

My suggestion is to phone a friend at Booking.com who can help you. Those consultants work with such a wide array of queries every day, I'm sure they can help you figure this out.

Best of luck!


You can ask BC to set it up for you, they just need to edit your room type/villa type to allow you to offer different rates for different occupancies. It will then appear as a drop-down option with the arrow next to your rate in the calender.