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price of the rooms

hi we have an account for our property in and currently we want to put the prices of the rooms but we don't know how. so could you help us with it?

thank you so much 


Marcela Kabelac

Hello Arash,

quite a new user myself, I believe you need to go to Rates & Availability/Calendar in the main navigation. Maybe Rate plans would let you set some standard values without having to set each day separately, but I chose the per-day setting in my case:

I hope this helps you!

Best regards Marcela

Marcela Kabelac

Ah, what an advanced forum software this is... I pasted the image from the clipboard, saved and...*poof*, it's gone :( Why should something that is possible in the editor actually work, right?

Now I've manually uploaded it, see if this works at least:

Navigation screenshot