Hey Hosts. I have just listed my flat and I'm lost on this site trying to learn this and that LOL! Are there any tips on pricing? How do I know what's an appropriate price?



Hi Winnie, welcome


I would say do a search as a guest for the area, see what everyone else is charging.


A few lessons I learned early on was:


  • Set one Non refundable Rate Plan
  • Strict cancellation policy
  • Close the rooms or set inventory to 0 in calendar - list view until you are ready t o go live


I will add more to this as i remember...


oh yeah consider applying for Payments by Booking.com when startingout , asuming its is available to your country. 


Under finance menu ,, Get Paid.


Kind Regards


You can link your listing to your partner profile here , its greatly helps us other partners advise you when we have some thing to reference.







one mistake I made early on was undercutting the local competition too much and getting Tom, Dick & Harry on 1 night bookings only.


Yes I got lot of bookings, but even that can be a bad thing when you are resetting rooms daily.


You might want to consider setting minimum of 2 nights for the first Rate Plan.


My Rate Plans are as follows:


  1. Nightly Rate Plan
    •  Base Rate of X e.g. 99euro
    •  Minimum Stay 2 Nights
    • Minimum advance booking = 0
    •  Link to Rooms created. Does not have to be linked to all rooms.
  2. 3 Night Rate Plan
    • Rate = Nightly Rate plan - 5 Euro.  (so it calculates based on first plan minus a discount either as a percentage or fixed.
    • Min. Nights 3

and so on

I think I did it as 2,3,5,7 minimum night plans, where they all are discounted based on the first plan minus a % or fixed amount.




If you want to get paid y using OTA Virtual Credit Cards and or option to charge guest.


I would recommend payrexx.com (with Stripe enabled).


They have a virtual terminal, which is basically a web based browser interface to charge the cards.


Also have a direct pay, where you can send a payment link to the guest to do prepay, and then it lets them pick the payment method.


With this you can handle all cards, paypal apple pay google pay , sEPA, AMEX, BAncontact, Giropay,iDEAL, Alipay etc..

There is a fee and then a transaction fee but that is normal, and there is a free 30 day trial.



Winnie Mburu

Thank you so much Barry. I'm still learning as I am new here. I have a few more questions. 1. I'm wondering why I can't edit my apartment details. Some of the information given is incorrect and some important information is also missing that I would like to add. Why does booking.com make that so difficult.

2. I'm letting out one double room in a 2 bedroom apartment. The room can accomodate 2 max. That's the information I put under my profile but everytime somebody books for 2 they are charged the price for 1. It's becoming frustating as I can't figure out where I need to amend. I have had 3 guests encounter this problem so far and I am lsoing out on revenue. Would appreciate any help to rid of this nightmare. Thanks.