Problem with account

Hello dear Booking team,  I have a problem with my account.  When I log in and want to use an account, it "tells" me that my account is Closed / Not bookable. Why did this happen and can you help me with opening an account?  



Hi Mladen Donkovic


Reminder you are not addressing BdC Support Team.


When you logon to extranet, and see that one of three things has happened, typically...

  1. Account suspended by BdC - contact support.
  2. Location Verification by post , with code has not been done. contact support.
  3. Calendar List view : status of room type = closed and or inventory =0. and or restrictions set by you are showing no availability.


Kind Regards

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


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Hello Mladen Donkovic! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for asking your question. Have you already received your location verification code?

Mladen Donkovic

Hello Sergei,  I haven't received a letter to my home address yet. Traffic is limited in our country due to Covid 19 and I am afraid that my code will not come soon. What should I do? Thanks,  Mladen