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Problem with description of available parking for property - please help

When viewing my property from a prospective customer viewpoint, it state that my property has private parking on site.  This is not the case as my preference is for guests to park on the street.

I have reviewed all the help topics and tried to update all the facilities for my property and can see I've ticked off street parking, but cannot identify where it is drawing information from to say that I have private parking.

Please help so I can rectify this.

Thanks in advance




Hi Jo


So it looks like on your listing page it states private in the computer generated desc, basedo n the facilities & services page and on the policies page, and the room page.


Its likely under the policies page.


I do see Free public parking  and street parking, near bottom of the page.


Thanks for linking it in your profile, it made this very easy to then advise.

You'd be surprised 90% of partners on here do not do the basics and finish their profile.


Kind Regards






On Policies page it is under the heading of Internet & Parking.



Jo Collinge

Thank you for your help.  I find that the auto generated descriptions have been very inaccurate for my property thus far.  I also then find it takes quite a long time to get any of the support to team to action any request. 

Any pointers?


Account Adviso…

Hi Jo,

You can "Request a Fix" under the auto generated description. Depending on your location, it may take some time for to revert on it.