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Problem with prices on rooms


I have problems with my prices on my dormitory rooms example i have 

Bed in 8-Bed Dormitory Room the price for 1 night 1 guest is "10eur" so someone just reserved for 4 guests 1 night for "10euro" it shows like the whole room is 10euro per night i need a serious help.

Thuild - Your …

Hello Kiril,

Well, I've had a post about dorm room setups, which if you can find will help you a lot, I cannot locate it myself.

However, there are a few things that play a role here:

1. Room setup

2. Availability

So, you could probably get a fix just by setting it up this way:

If that doesn't solve it, then unfortunately you'll have to talk to BDC support.

Best regards,

Zsolt -


Hi Kiril. I have the same problem. Did you get to solve it? I would apreciate it so much if you help me to solve this problem! I tried with the solve Zsolt said, but didnt work...