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Problems with booking

Hi everyone, we are the owners of a flat in France, we are trying to rent it by booking but they stop to accept ours reservations because they tell us they need to check out our address by post mail. It was supposed that we would receive one letter 1 month ago but nothing, we call them, and they told us they will send us and second letter and we needed to wait 9 days. We did not receive anything again and we called them again and they told us we will be called back within 5 days in order coordinate a video call in order to verify our flat address. They did not, and 7 days after we call, AGAIN, and after waiting 10 minutes as usual they told us that the 5 days waitting explanation was a lie and they don’t know how much time it will take to be called by Booking, maybe 4 months (literally). So, my question is if it is possible to speak with someone who really cares in this company? Or we need to just stop with booking in order to don’t lose our money and time? Because of that, we start to work with AirBnb and Expedia, but I don’t really understand what going on with Booking. They used to be a good company.

Thank you very much if someone between you have an explanation because the Booking’s costumer service apparently not.


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Us too, a flat in France. No code despite several requests. It seems we will be closed if we cannot provide the code. And what happens to our money they have taken? How does this work?

6 months ago