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problems with main picture


Good day!

i am listed  with a studio since February. and i have a problem, the main pictures it apeares in the search is not the one marked by me. I have redone it 4 times. I have deleted some pictures and still the one i want is not listed. This affects my reservation potential.

Please let me know how we can fix it .



Vesna - Zlatni…

Hi Cristina,

when you change the main photo in your extranet it takes 48 hours to change on public site. Just drag and drop on first place the one that you would like to be the main one and if it is not visible on public page after 48 hours you can always call the support team or send them inbox message to change it for you.

The tab inbox in extranet is where you will find option to send message towards Booking team or a phone number you can call is listed there down right corner.