Profile information not showing online


I have just joined booking, prepared a nice text and all in the profile information section, but those information do not show on the website. Can you help? 

Thank you very much, and a good day to you


David Taylor

Hi Robert,

We had the same issue when we joined as well. The profile did not appear for about 3-4 months even though everything had been filled out correctly. I am not sure if it has something to do with

1. Being verified (your listings address has to be verified)

2. you may need to have a minimum of 6 reviews before it shows (min number of reviews to get a rating).

Sorry can't be of more help!


Community Admin

Dear Robert Muwawu thank you for posting in the community!


From your message is not clear enough what information are not visible online. Please keep in mind that if you made changes in your host profile or even the description or photos of your property that will be visible within 48 hours on the website.  


Best of Luck!