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I am a Partner. I have created a listing for a villa in Baku, Azerbaijan 6 times and each time it gets automatically blocked on the website.

I have experience with setting up properties in Rome and they work perfectly. This one is just blocked.

I have called the partner support about 10 times and send the messages several times. However, nobody can help me to make the property bookable, because they say that they DO NOT know the reason and advise me to create another new listing and TRY it... It is very very FRUSTRATING.

Can somebody help me please?? How to solve the issue on this ABONDONED BY CUSTOMER SUPPORT platform??

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

very strange - maybe your IP or email address is banned/blocked!

I would try two things ... (1) create the listing with a new account and/or different email address associated with this account (2) if that does not work either ask someone else using a different IP/network to create it for you.


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Thuild - Your … 3 years ago

Dear Fidan,

This seems to be an issue that shouldn't be an issue.

I had opened another property through my franchise and it went smoothly. No hassles.

The only thing is that you have to maybe approach the issue at hand from another perspective. Maybe you're not explaining it well enough to the support team that is assigned to that area.

You could try to call the Amsterdam office, which has a more professional team and can understand what people actually want :)

Good luck,

Zsolt -

Hadotiholidayresorts 3 years ago

Dear sir

my property is not bookable since many days i have tried all things i could to correct this but still same results and also why this website dont have customer care number.. and this is season this for us need help as fast as possible.

Bluelagoonhost… 3 years ago

What is the Amsterdam number my property is closed and not bookable they suppose to call back to verify the validity but the never do and I need to call a main office I'm in Jamaica

SamTH 3 years ago

Good day!

I have a question for you. They put a block on our object, a reason: our employees didn’t work properly, and we called on the booking and asked for an excuse, but they said it would be considered a month or more, they open our object or not, because We have 600 reviews and we have been working with booking for 3 years already?

Bluelagoonhost… 3 years ago

Unfortunately they speak dutch and i dont and i have that list but i need the head office or the ppl in charge.