Property displays wrong status

My property shows sold out when it is available. How do I get it to show available for bookings?

Aaltje B.

Are you with Expedia too? I had that problem with them...

Call the BDC centre help desk via login to Extranet < Inbox < Message or call local group. / or finance team. The help desk can refer you if needed.

Something has gone wrong.

Also double check your settings under property. and rates / availability and see what it says.

Do you have more then one property?

Do you have a property with one name or different names?

Or do you have more rooms. Or these questions you will be asked.

Take all the information out of your listing and then it should be easy to answer.

Oh and last, do you check your listing from your computer or cellphone only. Compare the two, see if you can discover differences.

Hope this helps


Aaltje B.