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Property listing registration failure

Evening all

Despite going through the process 5 times now I keep getting an error message every time I click on 'Open for Bookings'

Its says ' It looks like there’s something wrong with the information provided for this room. Double-check it and try again.'

I checked every step and all information is provided as requested.

Leaving aside the fact that I'm not 100% comfortable with confirming I'm open for bookings before even being able to see a preview of my listing or add in any additional information such as a full description, etc! I'm getting really frustrated that there appears to be something missing or wrong but there is no clude as to what that might be.

Any help / advice greatly appreciated.


M Adamopoulou

Dear Sue, sorry to hear about your struggles with your new listing.

I had similar problems and I called my local BDC office and they supported me.  They even fixed my calendar on the spot.

Maybe you should try and call your local BDC office and ask them to support you. Begining is always hard.

Wish you all the best.