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Property Location Verfication problem. I am currently not in the summer resort to receive letter

Greetings. As the title suggests a letter was sent from to the newly listed property.
Is it regular mail or can it be tracked?

I will not be visiting the island for a month but i still want to start ahead on bookings (June-September) since it will be my first summer without commitment contract with major travel agent.

Can i change the address of the verification letter (in a possible reposting after the 2 week period) in order to avoid visiting the island? is far from where i am right now plus many times the delays can be long in local post services.

Thank you in advance for an answer

Aaltje B.

If the letter went somewhere you don't prefer, you could ask the admin team to change it for you and send you the letter again where you are now. If they have a better solution they will tell you.

Is there someone in the summer resort area who could return the letter to you? (someone you know that could do that)

Hope this works.


Aaltje B.