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Property not being listed, no access of extranet

I wanted to list my property in Jan 2019

my property is under review since day one and still not listed

i have not been assigned any property ID

i have not been given extranet service

I have confirmation email that I have sign up successfully but despite calling and emailing they are unable to find my record

Therefore 5 days ago I tried to signup again using new login ID and contact number.

once again i have received confirmation email of sign and accommodation agreement but my property is under review and i have not been given property ID or extranet access.

again i called and after quite a long time representative found my login id but not my property 

she forwarded my problem to concerned department but i have not received any email or call after that.

now again i m calling but despite waiting for 10 minutes on hold my calls are not beingconnected what should i do.


calls from pakistan are really expensive

i dont get response on emails 

what should i do 

please help


unfortunately keep ringing is the only thing or simply choose another OTA.