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Property is Not Bookable

I want to re open my Property in but I can´t. 

It is listed as closed and not bookable. How can I re Open it?!


I have tried to get in touch in some way with support team or something like that but has being imposible. I can´t find the mail adress or link or anything. 


Can someone help me please.

Thank you. 


hello and welcome to the bdc partner forum

Did you previously close the property by simply block booking the calendar as unavailable or was the closure something that bdc got involved in?

If you closed it yourself, I would suggest you select a small range of dates, set the price, occupancy and mark as open - give it a little bit of time for the data refresh and to try booking your apartment.

let us know if the problem persists and me or any other partner will try and help but give as much information as possible.


Luisa Robles

Thank you so much for answering Jay Bee. It was closure by some bdc because I asked for it because we had a very long (almost two years) rent contract. :) . 


Well in that case if the closure was initiated by bdc then you might have to go via them to have it reopened.

But do check if the calendar shows up as open (select rates and availability), select a range of dates, minimum length of stay, notice period, rates etc