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Property review from is taking too long time

Dear Partners,

Kindly help me with the best approach to contact or get the registration finalized by finishing my property review

the process it self is an agony as i have been waiting for more than 9 months and nothing have happened

i tried contacting by email and phone

all the reply i got was to wait or open a new account that ended up with me having 4 different accounts under the same property name and location and email

so far i have two registery ID number 

the property is in lebanon and im listed on google, google maps, and some local apps like Makhsoom and gosawa

appreciate your help and support on this topic

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago


Thanks for asking.

Okay on your Home Page on the extranet there should be a box asking for the verification code, right? On there is a sentence that reads "I have not received my code yet" and if you click on it it will give you two options. Select the one that says "I am not at the property".

Whether or not you are at the property is irrelevant, you are only clicking this to start a chain event that will prompt an account manager to contact you for an alternative method of verification. Normally they will check reviews etc on the internet and verify it that way, or they will schedule a video call with someone at the property or they will physically visit the property to verify it. 

I've 5 properties listed and I verified them all like this because the codes take forever to reach the property. 

Keep us updated!

Rami Moghlbay 3 years ago

Dear Leandri,

thank you for your kind reply,

unfortunately i didnt reach yet the access to extranet and every time i try signing it, automatically i get redirected to the my properties page which show that they are still under review

last time i talked to hotline was today morning whereby a kind employee acknowledged that it have been pending for 250 days as per the system but he couldnt do anything about it as it was not from his department, and they dont have cross department communication 

i wonder if you a partner can directly contact the technical support and inform them about my issue so they can address it

fingers crossed

im sure this is a minor glitch in the superior service offers

best regards

Jalal Al Abani 1 month ago

Hello Rami, I am facing the same problem, can you please update this thread if you reached any results? Thanks