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property unavailable un search

hi my property apear as unavailable on search. it says that the date you chose is unavailable and instead offers other available dates, but when you choose them they also apear as unavailable... when checking the calendar they all are available and it says 1 left to sell. the minimum night stay is set to 1... so i don't get it... anyone can please help thanks


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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear eyal, sorry to hear about your struggles with your calendar.

Is your button "Rooms to sell" set to not 0?

If you cannot fix maybe its better that you call your BDC local office, they will fix it on the spot.

Wish you well.

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jaybeegee 2 years ago

Make sure you have the property layout configuration set up correctly ie. number of bedrooms and number of guests that each on can accomodate.

also double check that you do not have any calendar restrictions in place (eg. cannot check in/out on particular dates)



eyal munteanu 2 years ago

thanks guys. i'm trying to follow your instructions and update